In the book of Genesis, Chapter 2, Verse 19, it is stated that "Adam gave names to all cattle and fowl of the air and to every beast of the field", thus pointing the way to the relevance of  Taxonomy in our daily lives.

CARINET- The Biosystematics Network of the Caribbean has followed on Adam's precept and has set out to provide the sub-region with the required taxonomic capability that will encourage and promote sustainable development in agriculture, forestry, eco-tourism and the wise use of our biodiversity.

It is in this regard, that you are invited to continue to explore the CARINET Website in the expectation that the taxonomic information you seek can be acquired.

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Dr. Ronald Barrow at
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CAB INTERNATIONAL Regional Office for the Caribbean, Gordon Street, Curepe, Trinidad, West Indies.

Tele: (868) 662-6732; (868) 620- 7187

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